Sunday 15 January 2012

Sin City

A little side project - Marv from Sin City.

I know a lot of people have used the Hasslefree Harby for conversions, but I just wanted the classic comic book look instead.

Marv from Sin City

At some point I'll give the conversion a try and do a Hellboy version.


  1. Very nicely done. You should get the bases done it would really set the figures off

  2. Haven't tried basing any of them yet, but you're right I need to make a start somewhere :)

  3. I just use milliput on mine spread out thinly then using a damp kiddies plastic brush from a paint set. You know the ones with the hard bristles. Gently tap the milliput to texture it

  4. I picked up a few Fenris bases and you're right they make a lot of difference!

    Photos to follow :)