Monday 30 January 2012

Jade Pagoda

I like to try and make things that haven't been done before, and looking round the net i couldnt see anyone that had done this one before, or if they have done they haven't posted any pictures. Usually it causes me nothing but headaches and this one wasn't any different!

The Jade Pagoda was the TARDIS escape pod used in some of the Virgin Novels. So that meant only two reference pictures to work with.

Scratch built out of Plastic card. Trying to make the roof on this took an absolute age but I like the final effect.

Just need to finish painting it now, but thought I'd post a couple of WIP pictures.

And with a 7th Doctor and WIP Glaswegian Police Box for scale.

1 comment:

  1. Cool job so far. Not really upto speed on the Doctor. Catching up slowly on the newer episodes slowly but surely. About halfway through series 2